Our missions

An initial audit:

you can consult us for a short initial audit to guide you:

  • Are your business and volumes well suited to automation ?
  • Which technologies best match your business and strategic objectives ?
  • How much time and investment are we talking about in order of magnitude ?

Detailed sizing :

This is the most forgotten part of logistics projects. Experience has shown that it often leads to an overestimation of the investment by several dozen percent. Working on an activity history (of several years), tracing the evolution of key parameters, choosing the ‘right’ activity peak, not trying to automate everything… this phase takes a little time, will lead you to question your data several times, to have to take a position… this is where the financial stakes are the highest. This is the work of an expert.

Consult, select, manage:

This is the time to frame the answers, to ask questions that will avoid hidden costs, but also to put in place the right teams before and during the project – which in most cases are your own, provided that you organise their skills development.

Managing, implementing, piloting :

Managing, implementing, piloting: maybe you didn’t have project teams ready to go (on the other hand, why would you have them, if you don’t constantly have new highly technical projects…)

We can step in, put on our hi-vis jackets, master your schedules and the interfaces between the different trades.