Why and how automate ?

For a long time, automation was the prerogative of large companies with dedicated and specific warehouses and significant investments.

Today, the multiplicity of existing solutions makes it possible to think about automation at all scales …

…and with all objectives, from the most productive to the most scalable and from the most standard to the most dedicated.
Automation brings flexibility, contrary to what was thought for a long time (although it must be well thought out, of course). It helps companies to cope with increasing peaks of activity (containment, decontainment, E-business, seasonality, customer promises, product customization, etc.).

Automation is economically efficient.

It is the sine qua non for retaining or repatriating the supply chain with good levels of pay and social protection.

Automation makes it possible to rationalize and, in particular, to reduce transport costs through better palletization and more optimized lorry loads, and by grouping logistics activities.

Finally, automation brings a corporate image, an increase in skills, a progression and pride for the operational teams.